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    Promoting locally-sourced food by bringing buyers and local sellers together through a new-age digital marketplace.

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Discover local farms and bring locally-sourced products from farm to table! We enable local consumers to easily purchase fresh produce from local farms. Our platform increases marketplace transparency, ensures availability of local fresh quality products, and saves costs! Browse trending products locally and place orders anytime, anywhere with real-time tracking. Source local, sell local, and support your local community! Let’s reduce Food Miles and promote sustainability.

Know Your Farmer

Increasing Transparency



Our Mission

At FRESHONTABLE, our mission is very simple. We want to build a resilient network for “local-food”, making the process of local-food sourcing seamless, accessible, trackable, and profitable to both sellers and consumers.

People Are Looking For Great Food, Locally Sourced.


Share of global consumers who prefer locally branded vegetables.


Share of consumers who want to know more about the local producers.


Share of family-owned farms in the global food supply.

What We Do

We are a digital platform connecting buyers and farmers. Consumers and chefs will now have access to the freshest local products, and farmers will gain visibility in their own neighborhoods. With user-selected distance parameters, you can choose your own definition of “local.”




If you're a consumer who is looking for local fresh produce, direct from the farm, you have come to the right place! Buy your fruit, veggies, dairy products, and grass-fed meat at the click of a button.


Restaurants And Wholesale Buyers

Restaurants And Wholesale Buyers

If you're a chef or anyone who is looking to buy local fresh produce in bulk directly from the farm you have come to the right place! Deliver a quality dining experience to your customers and support your local farm community.




If you are a farmer or table-food producer, interested in attracting consumers who are seeking local food products, you have come to the right place! Offer your fresh produce to market, create your unique profile, showcase your products and seamlessly manage all orders through our platform.


Sign up and you’re ready to go! We are available on both iOS and Android.





FreshOnTable celebrates the Launch of its FreshOnTable Souq Platform in the presence of I-I.E. Mariam Al MheiriHonourable Minister of State for Food Security the United

Dubai, February 17 2020 - After the success of its business platform, FreshOnTable took a step further by introducing its FreshOnTable Souq platform.

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