Trace and Track

Transforming the food journey
Trace and Track

Food supply chains are complex. Travelling across several miles before it reaches your table, the produce may be labeled as 'Fresh' and ' Local' but we really don't know where exactly it is coming from and what is its true freshness quotient?

Food passes through different transportation systems and goes through significant temperature changes which often leads to a change in its texture, taste and quality. 'Food Fraud' is one of the challenges the food industry is currently facing as the food is often mislabeled, adulterated and hence incorrectly priced. This unfragmented supply chain imposes a big threat to the hospitality industry where the chefs, restaurants and hotels cannot identify at what stage the fresh produce changed its form which could potentially create a higher health risk for their customers.

Fresh On Table has been rigorously working to mitigate the complexities and has developed a 'Track and Trace' feature leveraging deep tech around IoT and blockchain. This gives you an immutable view of the food’s journey and allows you to verify the sustainable and ethical production of the produce.


Every Fresh On Table box carries a QR code which once scanned gives you the visibility of the above within seconds. By using this technology, you can decipher

  • Farm details like name and location 

  • Harvesting time and date

  • Temperature change record at every stage of transportation

  • Logistical/shipment details of your order

With this end to end journey view, everyone can trust the produce coming from Fresh on table is 100% fresh and 100% sustainable.