Seller Panel

Seller Panel

Agriculture is not new to the UAE. The nation’s founders recognised its importance from the early days itself. It is not home to 30,000 farms, most of them small and medium, growing a wide variety of produce using traditional and modern farming. To be able to manage the Farm, like any other business, the Farmer needs the right set of platform.

Fresh On Table has launched the MENA region's first ''Seller panel'' to empower local farmers. Designed to be, colloquially, a Farm ERP, it’s an excellent platform to manage the business. 

The panel is envisaged to make relevant data and information available to the farmer community to ease their day-to-day operations.

It digitizes the entire lifecycle of the farmer’s journey from an efficient grower to a successful seller with a few taps on his mobile device.


The farmer can upload product catalogs, control pricing, manage inventories and make projections for the future by using statistical data. It also equips the farmer with food and crop innovation techniques, best agricultural practices, and the latest market trends.

With data-backed insights and full commercial visibility , it enables  the farmer an efficient management of business.