Best Recipes from the Top Chef

Recipes from Top Chefs
Chef Saradhi Dakara
It started when I was a child back in the South Coast of India before moving to Dubai, UAE. I came from a large family and there were many get-togethers which revolved around food. My family had a farm and my mother would cook a traditional seven course Thali using produce from our garden. I would help my mother in the kitchen so she could join the family at the dining table, and eventually she inspired my love for cooking. When I do get a chance to cook with her, I still get amazed at the way she prepares the food. I learned the importance of time management through family gatherings. If you organise yourself and gather the dietary information from guests before they arrive, life becomes a lot easier in the kitchen. Because my mother knew the likes and dislikes of family guests, she made sure they were never disappointed. I apply the same ethic to my present role and understand my guests, what they want and deliver that. My style of cooking is very simple, when I create a dish, it all starts with one main ingredient in that season. I don’t like to overcomplicate dishes with too many ingredients. I am a great believer in using local ingredients and proud to be associated with FRESHONTABLE’s ethos.
Saradhi Dakara
Donovan Clive Christian
Chef Donovan Clive Christian
Born in the beautiful Cape Town in South Africa, I grew up in Ireland near the mountains within County Clair called Ennis. When I was twelve years old, I started working in the kitchen at the only local pub in town during the long summer holidays and eventually progressed in the kitchen. After winning a cook-off in France I was granted scholarship at the prestigious culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in Bordeaux, which is ranked amongst the top culinary schools in the world. After I finished two years in the pastry and hot kitchen, I began working with Alain Ducasse at the age of eighteen for three years and became the youngest chef in Paris to work at a three Michelin star restaurant, before moving to the UK to work with Heston Blumenthal as a senior Sous-Chef for two years. I then decided to head back to my roots in Cape Town and began consulting with restaurants as a Senior Sous-Chef. My cooking style include techniques I learnt from France and the UK, combining a fusion of South African, French and Asian style cuisines. With 1 Michelin star under my belt, I decided to move to the UAE and have been living in Dubai and love the diversity of the city. I am a great believer that local ingredients do magic to food and I am proud to be associated with FRESHONTABLE’s ethos.
Chef Dima Al Sharif
I am a Palestinian chef, author and entrepreneur residing in Dubai, UAE. After years of working with NGOs in the field of social development, I decided to change my career path and joined the food industry in 2006. I kicked off my new career with a catering service, creating bespoke menus for private and corporate events. In 2009, I also began providing culinary training to home cooks and industry professionals and took on food writing, where I regularly wrote for different in-print and online publications, my articles spanned across culinary travel, culture, food history, recipes and insights into the art of cooking. My blog had become one of the most celebrated food blogs in the UAE, winning multiple awards. With time, I had expanded my services into an all-encompassing food training and food communications service, incorporating workshops, writing, blogging, photography and film. In 2015, I published my cookbook Plated Heirlooms, an extensive exploration of Palestinian cuisine’s story, history and culture. In 2016, Plated Heirlooms won “Best In The World” by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Currently I am the CEO of MOONEH LLC, an artisanal foodstuff supply and catering company that I have founded in Dubai. I am a huge supporter of local organic farms and produce and happy to be associated with FRESHONTABLE’s ethos.
Dima Al Sharif
Margarita Vaamonde
Chef Margarita Vaamonde
I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela but my background is a mix of Spanish, Irish, Italian and French. Coming from a multi-cultural household, our family enjoyed different cuisines, as a result I was always curious about what my mother was cooking and would always help her in the kitchen. Even though at the time I was pursuing a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts, I still continued to enjoy cooking and decided to work at a restaurant and loved it despite the challenges in the kitchen. After graduating, I decided to continue working in the kitchen and eventually became a chef. Consequently, I received an opportunity in Argentina to work with the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires and was fortunate to work along-side some of the most talented chefs in the industry. I initially visited Dubai over 6 years ago and had the opportunity to work with an award winning and three Michelin star chef, Pierre Gagnaire, and decided to move to the UAE after being offered an executive chef role at MasterChef. I am a great believer that local ingredients do magic to food and I am proud to be associated with FRESHONTABLE’s ethos.