Food Miles

Reducing food miles, making food smile!
Food Miles

Reducing food miles, making our planet smile!

What are food miles and why do they matter?

Food miles are simply the distance the food has traveled from its origin until it reaches the consumer. The higher the distance the food travels, the less fresh it is. Higher food miles not just impact the freshness & quality of the produce but also increase carbon footprint. 

Air pollutants and climate change gases are released when fossil fuels are used for production, transport, and packaging, and hence the carbon footprint increases with every extra mile the food travels. 

The fresh produce doesn't stay fresh anymore and loses its nutrient value by 40%-50% within the first 48 hours of harvest. Also, higher food miles not just decreases the nutrient  quotient quotient of the fresh produce but also reduces  the profit margins of the farmers. With multiple distributor partners, the farmer only gets a small slice of the pie and is always paid unfairly.

At Fresh On Table,  we practise “hyper local” - keep the source of production and consumption closest. We practice “hyper local” - keep the source of production and consumption closest.Thus food comes straight from the farms to your table. This is fresher, tastier, and more environment-friendly. 

We're fair and transparent to our farmers and our restaurant partners. With every purchase you make with us, you can view the food miles you saved by simply choosing local. 

We'll give you credits for every mile you save and will share your story with the world. The more miles you save, the more credits you'll earn and the more rewards you will get.