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It's delicious by design!

As a digital marketplace with a passion for healthy and delicious food - we connect buyers with local farmers to help them source the best locally produced foods and deliver to your doorstep. We believe that sustainability should be at the forefront of the food industry and by sourcing local and recycling food waste we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Reducing food miles, making food smile.

Freshest of the Fresh

We take freshness seriously, and always source and deliver the best and purest produce from local farms especially for you. The short distance the produce travels ensures that you get produce that is at its peak of freshness, flavour and nutrition. Locally grown food ripens naturally, retains more nutrients, contains no preservatives and simply tastes better.

Environmentally Caring & Sustainable

Driven by Nature

We are committed to supporting those who are farming on a scale that is human and humane. We are committed to food that is being grown in a wholesome and sustainable manner. Further, we close the loop by collecting your food waste and recycling it into biochar to help farmers increase their yield. We ensure that everything we do - from how the produce is grown, transported, packaged and recycled is driven by nature.

know your farmer. Know your food.

Grown by the Known

We are what we eat! It’s not what’s on your plate, but it’s from where your ingredients are sourced. With a farmer-centric approach, we are on a mission to cultivate a better food system by leveraging technology that provides consumers with a convenient, transparent, traceable way to access real food from local farmers and track it in real-time. Know where each item on your plate comes from.

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Benefits of Locally Grown Food
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Aug 13, 2020
Doua Benhida, founder of the Zero Waste Collective
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