6 Tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Published on Feb 13, 2020
	6 Tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Living a green lifestyle is not an all or nothing approach. It starts with setting your intention towards wanting to improve our lives. Taking small steps in your daily routine consistently will eventually compound and create a difference in your lifestyle and environment. Create a sustainable future by taking the time to reflect on your year and lifestyle. Here’s a list of doable eco-conscious resolutions we all can embrace in 2020:

  1. Bring It Yourself:
    Avoid contributing to landfill by bringing reusable water bottles, sandwich keepers, lunch and shopping bags wherever you go
  2. Buy Local, Organic and Fair Trade:
    If you want to buy something new, make sure it didn’t cost the earth a rainforest to get to your door. Buy locally! When buying items that aren’t local, keep an eye out for goods labeled as “fair trade”
  3. Buy Second Hand:
    Clothing and furniture manufacturers make a huge carbon footprint. Craigslist and apps like LetGo make it incredibly easy (and affordable) to pick up gently used items that others are selling or giving away. Visit your local thrift stores to give new life to perfectly fashionable and unique clothing and household items
  4. Get Some Exercise:
    If you’re making a short trip, take a bike or walk instead. If you must drive, try to carpool. You’ll help save the planet and reduce your waistline
  5. Compost:
    Start making a compost of your waste products. Alternatively, you can provide the Compost Bin to farms and research other possibilities available in your neighborhood
  6. Green Your Home:
    Switch out your old light bulbs and appliances for energy-efficient ones. Plant some trees and learn to garden
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